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Proudly Australian for over 50 Years

Birko Electrics started life just prior to World War II, making soldering irons for local markets. During the war, a need was identified for some from of portable food and drink heating vessel.

Birko designed and produced the Food and Drink Heater, an electric jug with a concealed element so that the food as well as liquid, could be heated.

After the war, Birko continued manufacturing Food and Drink Heaters, selling them through major department stores. An Electric Kettle was then added to the range of products, followed by a Hot Water Urn for commercial and industrial usage.

Birko expanded further, making industrial elements for washing machines and air conditioners. The element plant developed elements for Birko's domestic appliance market, which further improved the quality and efficiency of its products.

Up to this point, all Birko products had been made from copper and then chrome plated. Copper was replaced by stainless steel in Hot Water Urns for a more reliable, hard wearing and cleaner product which was suitable for commercial applications such as hospitals, factories and Government departments.

Birko's next move was to develop a distribution network throughout Australia, and it soon began to export its products.

A takeover of Westgate Manufacturing in 1988, and Sarena Industries in 1989 allowed expansion of the product range to include Food and Pie Warmers, Gas Urns, and some commercial catering equipment.

Now in the 21st century, Birko is going from strength to strength. It has expanded its product range even further with its TempoTronic and DownUnder instant boiling and chilled water systems, and introduced to the market a boiling and chilled water appliance: the Birko TwinTemp. An ideal addition to any domestic or commercial kitchen.

Birko continues to expand and has recently launched a brand new range of commercial catering appliances. It is now proudly represented in New Zealand by Zenith Heaters - part of the Zip Industries group.